Information about travelling in Greenland

Information about travelling in Greenland

Greenland Tourism

The Greenland Tourist board’s homepage

Kalallit Nunnaat- Greenland

Rudy Brueggemann’s web page containing original stories, history, travel-tips and photography of Greenland. In January 2000, Encyclopaedia Brittannica picked the site as one of the best on the Internet due to its quality.

Greenland Photos

Destination Nuuk

A beautiful dias-show of Nuuk and its surroundings

Siulleq’s Picture Database

Siulleq’s extensive database of new & old photographs of Greenland, portraits and old maps.

Polar Photos

Great pictures from Polar Photos – the Arctic Institute collection of historical photographs from 1860’ies to 1970’ies and a collection of contemporary photographs about Arctic research and logistics, primarily in Greenland.

Wendell Phillips — Greenland Gallery
Wendell travelled the West coast of Greenland, in the summer of 2001. His account was published in Sea Kayaker Magazine, as Greenland Sojourn. Wendell’s photojournalist background, and his artistic eye, resulted in a beautiful and dramatic gallery of photographs, featured at this site.

Nuuk Greenland
An interesting link of Nuuk, Greenland. Click on the Qajaq link to see pictures and a film clip of a kayak demonstration in Nuuk. The 1MB video shows a kayaker performing a roll with the paddle held behind his head and another kayaker performing a very large number of hand rolls in a specialized “rolling qajaq”. Municipal

Pictures from Greenland
ArctiComm has posted dozens of great photos of Nuuk, Sisimiut and other places around Greenland in all seasons

A summer in Nuuk

A personal homepage of a traveller, illustrating Nuuk and its’ surroundings

Narsaq Photo
John Rasmussen has created a wonderful portfolio of Greenland – updated every month

Greenland Photos

Photos from Weather-stations in Greenland


Nuuk Snow Festival

The annual International Snow Sculpture festival

Arctic Marathon

The homepage of the annual Arctic Marathon, held in Nuuk, August.

Annual International Events in Greenland

A national tourist board list of Greenlandic annual events; includes descriptions, links, schedules and addresses.

Attractions in Nuuk


Katuaq, Greenland’s Cultural Centre offers exhibitions, cinema and concerts

Greenland National Museum and Archives
Central institution for research and documentation of Greenland’s cultural history.

Institute of Natural Resources (Pinngortitaleriffik – Grønlands Naturinstitut)
Available in Danish & Greenlandic

Institutions in Nuuk

Nuuks Municipally

The Municipally of Nuuk – Information

Greenland Home Rule Government

The official homepage Greenland’s Home Rule Government

The Inuit Circumpolar Conference Nuuk

The Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC)

The international organization representing approximately 145,000 Inuit living in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Chukotka, Russia.


The Nordic Institute in Greenland

Statistics Greenland Information Service

Offers information regarding Greenland’s statistics

National Library of Greenland – Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia

Offers a good selection of books about Greenland

Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP)

Administration, coordination, and regulation services for Greenland’s minerals and petroleum sectors.

Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland is the world’s biggest producer of coldwater shrimps and a market leader in a wide range of seafood products.

Tele Greenland A/S

Greenlandic Internet/Telephone provider

Education Institutions

The University of Greenland – Ilisimatusarfik

The homepage of The University of Greenland, Nuuk

The Greenlandic School of Journalism

The Greenlandic School of Journalism was established 1982 (Danish/Greenlandic only)

Nuuk Technical College

Nuuk Technical College (Danish/Greenlandic only)

ISI – Greenland’s College of Social Work

The Greenland’s College of Social Work is an independent institution under the Greenlandic Home Rule Government

The College of Education – Ilinniarfissuaq

The Greenland’s College of Education, Ilinniarfissuaq, has been the most important cultural institution in developing Greenland to a modern society. The building itself is one of the oldest buildings in Nuuk, from 1907.

STI – The Business- & Industry School

A Nuuk-based business- & industry higher education (Danish only)

Greenlandic/ Arctic Culture

Culture Greenland

A portal for online Greenlandic culture, which features links to cultural institutions and various organzations and companies, including the Greenlandic national picture database and a calendar of events. (In Danish, English, and Greenlandic)

Museums in Greenland

Links to museums in Greenland

The Danish Arctic Institut – Artisk Institut

A centre of research, publication & documentation of Arctic Research.

Greenland pages

Greenland: The Last Great Place

Rudy Brueggemann’s Guide To Kalallit Nunaat

Greenlandic Masks

An introduction of Greenlandic Masks by Ammassalik Museum, East Greenland


Links to general information, images, whaling, and aboriginal peoples of Greenland and the Arctic

All Things Arctic

A complete resource for Arctic-related products, news, travel, weather & information

Arctic Is

A web-resource on human-environment relationships in the Arctic

Hunting And Fishing Story

Rudy Brueggemann’s guide to Greenland

Arctic Health

An information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of our planet’s northern most inhabitants

Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat

A part of the Arctic Council

NFN – Nature and Peoples of the North
A committee working for indigenous people of the Arctic

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Cultural History

Meddelelser om Grønland: Man and Society
Monographs on Greenland, contains contents for the entire series on archaeology and anthropology of Greenland, beginning 1980, and selected complete text articles. English

The Culture History of Greenland

From the National Museum of Denmark, an extensive history and prehistory of the country. English

Saqqaq culture
Here the excavation of several hundred ruins fully proved the existence of a culture
similar to the “West Greenlandic Palaeo-Eskimo culture

Feiten Over Greenland

A comprehensive essay about Greenland, including a complete list of the old Danish names of communities with their modern Greenlandic equivalents.

The Danish National Museum – The Inuit Culture

A short introduction to the Inuit History and Culture with illustrations – Danish Only

Greenlandic Architecture

An article presenting Greenland’s development within Architecture


Baidarka List Archives
Discussion on every aspect of qajaq building.

Unofficial Greenland Kayak Club Qaannat Kattuffiat

Gives information about Greenland Kayak Association, Qaannat Kattuffiat and also Qaannat Kattuffiat, the Greenland Kayaking Championships. Includes links to Greenland-style kayaking.

Greenland Style by Andrew Bien
An interesting overview of Greenland kayaking by Andrew Bien. This article is currently hosted on the South East Sea Kayakers website.


Atlantic Music

Take a glance of Atlantic music’s ever growing CD productions – hear samples on-line

Books About Greenland

This bookstore has an excellent selection of books on Greenland and the Arctic, in several languages.

Neriusaaq Bookstore

New, antiquarian and rare books on Greenland and the Arctic

Greenlandic Stamps

Greenland Collector

The on-line magazine for collectors of Greenland stamps

The Greenlandic Christmas Seal

The Greenlandic Christmas Seal has been published continuously since 1974.

Greenlandic Stamps & History

Greenlandic Organizations & Interest Groups


Commission on Self-Government in Greenland

The Commission on Self-Governance web-page. Discussion forum and info.


Siumut is a social-democratic political party, which is the oldest and largest

existing political-party in Greenland.


Atassut is Greenland’s Conservative liberal Party

Inuit Ataqatigiit

A socialistic left wing political party in Greenland

Government Jurisdiction in the areas of Culture, Education and Church

Sport-& Activity Links

The Sport Confederation of Greenland

The Sports Confederation of Greenland works towards strengthening Greenlandic

athletes and sports organisations possibilities to participate in sports as

representatives of Greenland.

Greenland Handball Federation

The Greenland National Handball Union

Team Greenland

Team Greenland, promoting Elite sport in Greenland

Greenland Taekwon-Do Federation

Snowbound Greenland

Snowbound Greenland. A website about Snow-Mobiling in Nuuk & Greenland

Greenland Volleyball Federation

Nuuk Model-flying Club

Greenland Ski Federation


Nuuk Parakliders


SILAMIUT – The Greenlandic Theatre

Arctic Artists Network & Affiliation

A database of Arctic artists


The Union of Women’s Associations in Greenland

The Union works towards utilising own, Greenlandic resources, preserving traditional Greenlandic needlecraft, urging to a better education of Greenland’s women, strengthening their interest in politics as well as to improve family conditions.

Qaamaneq – The union of lesbians and homosexuals in Greenland

Qaamaneq fights for legal reforms for homosexual people as well as offering

support and information.

Animal Protection Programme – Dyrenes venner Grønland

A Nuuk based Animal protection programme (Danish only)

The Greenlandic Scout-Union – Kalaallit Nunaanni Spejderit Kattuffiat

The Greenlancic Scout-Union was established in 1943 (Greenlandic/Danish)

Greenlandic News

Kalaallit Nunaata Radio

Greenland Public Broadcasting Service


A weekly national newspaper (Danish & Greenlandic only)

Nuuk TV

Greenland’s largest local TV organization


Weather forecast – Nuuk

Presented by wunderground

Sunset & Sunrise in Nuuk
Times given for any date you choose – in Danish.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Greenland Weather Links
Current Satellite Images Of Greenland

Upper Atmosphere Research Collaboratory
— Sondrestrom Facility
— MAGIC (Magnetometer Array on the Greenland Ice Cap)

Maps of Greenland

Maps of Greenland – from the national tourist board
A small map of Greenland, 5 regional maps, 14 detailed hiking maps. The page includes a list of the old Danish names for the towns in Greenland

Kort over Grønland
A map of Greenland

Saga Maps: Maps of Greenland

Issues maps of Greenland: 20 sector maps, historical guides and maps of Greenland. Suited for travelling as well as wall decoration

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Archaeological Sites

Brattahlid and Herjolfsnes
Viking settlements of Erik the Red are described in an article in Archaeology magazine.

One of Erik the Red’s settlements, abandoned in the 14th century with the rest of the Western Settlement because of famine conditions; a report on Thomas McGovern’s research in Scientific American’s Discovering Archaeology.

Research Institutions

Danish Polar Centre
Provides services and logistical support to researchers in Greenland; includes links to recent research in many fields including archaeology. English and Danish.

SILA – The Greenland Research Centre
at the National Museum of Denmark

University of Copenhagen – Prehistoric Unit
Primarily Iron Age research, in Denmark, Ukraine, Greenland, and Bénin.

High Arctic Institute North Greenland
The Peregrine Fund, Pituffik

SUMMIT Top Of The Inland Ice
Greenland Environmental Observatory

Polar Ice Coring Office

NASA/PARCA (Program in Arctic Regional Climate Assessment)

IASC Norway
International Arctic Science Committee

International Tundra Experiment

University Of The Arctic
International non-governmental organization dedicated to higher education in and about the Circumpolar North

AMAP Norway
Arctic Monitoring And Assessment Programme

Current Researchers

P. C. Buckland
University of Sheffield, insects recovered from Gårdet under Sandet, a Norse farms site in the Western Settlement.

Jens Fog Jensen, Erik Brinch Petersen & Bjørnar Olsen
“Sydostbugt Projektet”: New datings of the Paleo-Eskimo Settlements in Qeqertarsuup Tunua &Disco Bay), Greenland. A brief report on 14C dates from Paleoeskimo and Dorset period sites.

Hans Christian Gulløv
From Middle Ages to Colonial Times. Archaeological and ethnohistorical studies of the Thule culture in South West Greenland 1300-1800 AD. Complete text of an article in Meddelelser om Grønland Man and Society.

Niels Lynnerup
Laboratory of biological anthropology, ThePanum Institute; The Greenland Norse: A biological-anthropological study. Full text of on-line book on skeletal remains of Norsemen in Greenland. In Meddelelser om Grønland Man and Society.

Dick Stapert
University of Groningen, paleolithic and spatial analysis, most recently Denmark, Greenland, and the Netherlands.

Databases on research on Greenland Environment

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